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  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 1 day, 8 hours ago

    On The Oscars, Bank Runs, And Picking Winning Stocks As we try so hard to outguess others, are we missing the obvious answer? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “On The Oscars, Bank Runs, And Picking Winning Stocks” to learn what you think matters less than you, uh, think.

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 1 week, 1 day ago

    How Banned Cartoonist Scott Adams Became The American Illuminati History can teach us much about today. But only if you know the authentic story behind the actual history, not the sound bites you see on the news or

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Spaghetti & Tuna Fish It’s funny how our favorite foods come from the strangest of circumstances. Do you notice this, too? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Spaghetti & Tun

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    And The Jury Is Out Everyone wants out of the jury pool. It’s a common theme. But can you guess what happens when you actually make it as far as the courtroom with a real l

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    You’re Either Living In The Past Or Living For The Future Because The Present Doesn’t Really Exist The past, present, and future don’t have to make you tense (unless you’re an English teacher). It all makes sense if you understand how time flies in

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 1 month ago

    The Return Of The King: Albany Aims To Take Away Your Home Rule Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Far away government decides what’s good for the hinterland. Residents of said hinterland of no real pra

  • The Art and Science of Influence and Leadership (Part II: The Art) An ad is worthless if it doesn’t cause the reader to buy. Similarly, you can’t be a leader if you don’t get people to act. What does the art of adver

  • An insightful experiment they would never allow today teaches us invaluable lessons about authority. For one, authority comes in many flavors. Which one represents the one you should be aiming for? Read this

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 2 months ago

    Not all authority is created equal. Some forms offer no practical meaning, while others have real staying power. What does this mean to you? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “The Three Classic Forms Of Aut

  • You need it to increase the odds you’ll achieve your aim. But there are many types of power, some more effective than others. Which types give you an edge and which one should you avoid? Read this week’s Car

  • Ultimately, leadership determines the direction of any gathering of humans. Sometimes that leadership is benign, as is the case of America’s Founding Fathers. Societies led by these “better” men flourish. Do you w

  • What does the Greater Western New York Region have in common with Beethoven? They both share the same birthday—December 16th! But do you know why Greater Western New York State even has a birthday? Read this w

  • This has nothing to do with TwitterGate. It’s also not meant to be a playbook. It’s merely an analysis of the current world we live in. Now, would you like to know how it’s done? Read this week’s Carosa Comment

  • You decide what race you’ll run. It’s only natural to want to win that race. A mere participation trophy won’t do it for you. Do you know why that’s important? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Why It’s Import

  • It’s not only the secret to success for all those about to start a new business, but it may also just be the secret to a lifetime of happiness. Why is this so and how does it work? Read this week’s Carosa Com

  • Look into the crystal ball of your life. Do you see what others say is there, or do you see what you say is there? Is there a difference? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Why It’s Important You Believe You C

  • Being first doesn’t necessarily make you a winner. Being different does. What can make you different? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Why It’s Important You Exhibited Creative Tendencies” to see the three thi

  • Being successful in anything isn’t about taking unnecessary risks. In fact, winning entrepreneurs have a record of avoiding risk. How does that work? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Why It’s Important You Be

  • Chris Carosa wrote a new post 5 months ago

    Before you even begin, you need to embrace this one lesson. And it’s not the one you’re expecting. What is it? Read this week’s Carosa Commentary “Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?” to see if you

  • There may never be a better time to start a business than right here, right now. Turning a hobby into a for-profit venture can help generate much needed cash during these inflationary times, but does it make sense

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