In the photo above, HF-L students selected for the Elementary All County Music Festival were (left to right) Emily Wells, Fiona Gelb, Heather Parham, Betsy Burdett, Samantha Weeks, Edie Brownsword, Clara Boldt, Megan Merrill, Luke McClean, Miles Philips, Jackson Hawks, Hudson Kamm, Megan Charles, Cailyn Mannigan, Olivia Lascell, Kinley Shaffer, Katherine Fosler and Avery Pude. Photo by Barb Salter

March might mean spring but it also means music reigns supreme each weekend as the Monroe County All County Music Festivals take place.

Several Honeoye Falls-Lima students participated in the music festivals: the High School All County Music Festival was March 3 and 4, the All County Jazz Festival on March 10 and 11, the Elementary All County Music Festival on March 17 and 18 and the Junior High All County Festival on March 24 and 25.

HF-L students in the high school festival were Claire Connors, Maeve Connors, Owen Dack, Will Emerson, Maegan Frame, Kate Gabrielsen, Taber Gloor, Kaylee Henshaw, Paige Moscicki and Jenna Quinn, all in the chorus; Calvin Burke and Ellie Davis, in the band; and Henry Burke and Alana Khona, in the orchestra.

The three HF-L high school students in the Jazz All County Festival were Edward Brown (trumpet), Noah Close (drums) and Nolan Tompsett (trombone).

The Elementary All County Festival participants from Manor School were Katie Fosler, Hudson Kamm, Avery Pude and Kinley Shaffer (all in the chorus) and Megan Charles (flute), Jackson Hawks (trumpet), Olivia Lascell (clarinet), Cailyn Mannigan (clarinet), Luke McClean (trumpet) and Miles Philips (tuba), who were all in the band. Sixth grade students are also included in the Elementary festival so HF-L Middle School sixth-graders chosen for the Elementary All County festival were Betsy Burdett, Fiona Gelb, Samantha Weeks and Emily Wells (all in the band), Heather Parham (in the orchestra) and Clara Boldt, Edie Brownsword and Megan Merrill (all in the chorus).

HF-L Middle School seventh and eighth grade students selected for the Junior High All County Music Festival were Kellen Adams, Emma Blythe, Wilson Bond, Linus Burke, Aiden (Tiger) Comstock, Grayson Etter, Emily Lawrence and Smith Schaefer (all in the band) and Abram Courtney, Lily Loewenguth, Izzy Pulire, Luke Washburn and Charlotte Wood (all in the chorus).

HF-L Middle School students selected for the Junior High All County Music Festival were Lily Loewenguth, Emily Lawrence, Emma Blythe, Izzy Pulire, Charlotte Wood and Smith Schaefer (first row, left to right) and Wilson Bond, Linus Burke, Grayson Etter, Luke Washburn, Abram Courtney, Kellen Adams and Aiden (Tiger) Comstock (back row, left to right). Photos by Barb Salter

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