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    For those in need of enrolling in Medicare in a timely manner, this can be done over the phone, electronically or a one on one meeting if needed. Most education and enrollment can be done via the phone. Call me if you need enrollment for April 1, or one of the upcoming months. I am local and can provide proper Enrollment kits for any Medicare Advantage or Supplement needed. 298-6288.

    Chris Carosa

    Kathy, thanks for posting this issue. I think a lot of people might be concerned by this. Can you offer some examples of how the current situation might lead to problems and how those problems might best be solved? Thanks.


    Health Insurance: 1- If you lose your insurance during this time the NY Health Exchange has opened a Special Enrollment Period until April 15 to enroll in a plan on the Exchange. 2- If you need to enroll in Medicare- and you are PRIOR age 65- go to 3 months BEFORE your birthday to enroll. If after age 65 the rules are different- call me 298-6288. If you need to enroll in an ADVANTAGE plan I can help you enroll electronically after a review of medications and medical needs etc. 3- Until March 31- ANYONE On Medicare still can use this OEP (Open Enrollment Period) to CHANGE their Medicare plan. So IF your health needs changed, you can makes changes to your plan BEFORE 3/31. Be sure NOT to have any lapse in Group coverage to avoid all penalties. At this time the Social Security Offices are NOT taking face to face clients and you must enroll on Line OR by phone, for Parts A&B. I can assist with ANY phase of securing Health Insurance as a licensed Independent Broker and their is NEVER a fee to meet with me or to enroll in plan of choice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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