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The restored facade at HF-L high school. Submitted photo

From HF-L Superintendent Gene Mancuso
The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District has prioritized providing sustainable meals to families, cleaning and disinfecting our buildings and busses, and developing a “At Home Learning Plan.” All three topics can be viewed at

In regards to feeding, the District offers free meals to any student from 11-1 Monday through Friday via the bus loop at the High School and Lima Primary School. We have also maintained the employment of our full time staff during this emergency. Our facilities team and support team are working to assure our first two priorities are met. The teaching team and paraprofessionals on the staff are now beginning to fully implement the Home Learning Plan.

Instructional Goals:

  1. Provide students with continuity of instruction that is accessible and clearly communicated to the community.
  2. Monitor and maintain student and family connections with their school communities.
  3. Ensure the highest level of support for students facing Regents exams required for graduation, i.e. Algebra, Global History, US History, Earth Science, Living Environment, LOTE, and ELA 11.
  4. Ensure the highest level of support for students facing end of course assessments in courses of rigor (AP, PLTW, Dual Enrollment).

Our students in grades six through twelve were instructed to bring home their laptops prior to the emergency being declared. We are currently providing laptops and IPads to students in the elementary program. Our instructional plan includes online learning materials that are delivered using the district’s student learning management system, known as Schoology. The District has been using Schoology for the past two years. Students at the high school level should expect about thirty minutes of school work per day for core classes, for a total of about three hours of school work in a day or fifteen hours in a week.

Students at the elementary level will have a combination of online work through Schoology and also hands on materials that will be delivered to homes via our bus drivers. Parents and students should expect this work to take about two hours a day or ten hours in a week.

For many of our students who need extra help, these systems will be coming online as we continue to roll out support. The use of visual systems, similar to that used in the world of office work, may be used, as well as the telephone, to talk with students and to check in with families.

The District is also keeping a close eye on the mental health needs of our students. We have a strong working relationship between our school counselors, the Delphi group, private practitioners, and the mental health professionals at the hospital and crisis level. The school counselors, psychologists, and social worker are able to provide front line assistance via e-mail and by phone as needed as well. We also are developing methods to provide support using our paraprofessionals to help with re-teaching, homework help, breaking down of assignments, and providing that emotional support that many of our students count on.

Nothing we do however, will be as good as the daily contact we are all missing each day. We ask our students and staff to continue to practice social distancing and follow the guidelines presented by the CDC and local and state health officials. We thank parents, students, and staff in advance for managing through this monumental, and we hope temporary change to school.


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