Village of Lima DPW Superintendent Ben Luft throws out the first horseshoe under the watchful eyes of his crew (from left to right): Josh Perham, Brian Crye, Gerry Panipinto, Dale Quackenbush, and Corey Yorks. Photo provided by the Village of Lima

Two regulation horseshoe courts have been built at the Mark Tubbs Memorial Park in Lima by the Village of Lima Department of Public Works. The 45 foot regulation courts consist of sand landing zones with backboards. The hard packed stone surface between the landing zones will facilitate play for those in wheel chairs. The sides of the courts are lined with flower boxes containing nearly 200 yellow and orange marigolds.

Four sets of tournament quality horseshoes are available for loan at no charge to Lima residents by calling the Village of Lima Clerk at 585-624-2210. The horseshoe sets will also be available to anyone who reserves the Rotary Picnic Pavilion. The Village of Lima plans to host a horseshoe tournament in the future when the covid epidemic is fully under control.

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