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Third grade Girl Scout Brownie Troop 60381 (and three Juniors from 60362, and one Daisy from 60514) of Honeoye Falls earned their Pets legacy badge January 29th as they learned about and helped out Pet Pride Humane Society of NY, on Route 251 in Victor. They learned about different needs associated with caring for different kinds of pets, learned about what Pet Pride does for/within our community, and how to help PP. The girls discussed what the no-kill cats-only shelter needs to help care for the animals they house, and they agreed to use part of their cookie sale money to help Pet Pride this winter.

All the girls made posters to help advertise Pet Pride, and Brownie Becca took the project a step further to create copies of her poster to distribute to her Manor School classmates for an in-class collection. Together the troop donated dozens of items to the no-kill cats-only shelter when they visited in January. Pet Pride welcomes donations of cat food, toys, and cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper towels, Dawn dish soap, Cascade liquid dishwasher soap, as well as monetary donations.

The facility often takes overflow from other shelters, and takes pride in educating prospective families about cat-specific needs required by adoptable cats. They have had an incredible adoption rate in the past few years, often adopting out about as many cats as they take in each year.

As their website says, “We run a very frugal organization with less than 3% of our budget devoted to fund-raising and communications with our supporters. Thus, virtually every dollar we receive in contributions is devoted to the care of our feline charges. We give them first class veterinary care, life-long if necessary, and provide them as close to a home-like environment as possible in a multi-cat shelter situation.”

The girls had a great time socializing the cats after school one day. The Brownies loved playing with the cats and kittens roaming throughout the house. Brownies Grace, Amy, and Alli especially liked playing with the kittens in the separate kitten room, the joy playing with the little ones shining on their faces. Daisy Girl Scout Emily loved watching a gray cat climb and jump all around the room following the girls and the toys. Junior Girl Scouts Kayla, Emma, and Addie, loved snuggling with all the cats and kittens. Brownie Brooke said while playing with a cat in the hallway for a very long time, “She’s so fun!”

Pet Pride also allows and encourages visitors during their normal business hours, to socialize the cats and help keep them adoptable. Even if you don’t see your family adopting a cat, you are welcome to come visit the cats and play. Brownie Girl Scout Chelsie says with a smile, “I wish we could adopt a cat.” On her poster, she said, “Want to adopt a Cat? Visit Pet Pride.”

Leader Sueann Wells says, “This has been a fabulous visit and a fabulous community service project. The girls had a great time, the cats seemed to enjoy our visit, and we ‘did a good turn’ today. I know my family will return to play with the kitties, even if we can’t adopt any due to allergies. Keep up the fabulous work, Pet Pride! Thank you so much for all you do, and thanks for having us visit.”

Anyone interested in adopting a cat should consider Pet Pride. Pet Pride is open Tuesday through Sunday 12-5, with extended hours to7pm on Thursdays. To learn more about the organization or to view cats available for adoption now, visit

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