Falk passionate about serving Lima residents

The world of politics and government is one filled with adversity and challenges that are unique, and thus require a certain level of mental fortitude and perseverance to tackle them. From the President of the United States to our local elected officials, actions are taken to try and improve communities and increase the standard of living of those that elected them.

Michael J. Falk, serving out his first full year as Supervisor for the Town of Lima, is an example of an elected official who is genuinely passionate about improving his town and helping his constituents.

Falk is working closely with the local conservation district to improve Mark Tubbs Park and its water systems. In addition, he has worked to get a sidewalk on 15A (by the Dollar General) citing how dangerous it is for pedestrians and others to travel without one.

In his role as Town Supervisor, Mr. Falk handles day-to-day operations at the Town Hall as well as any concerns that are brought in by a community member.

“Ultimately I am here for the taxpayer” said Falk. “people should feel free to bring concerns in to me. I am always ready to hear and address them”.

The town of Lima has had some exciting events the past week.

The Crossroads Festival took place August 3rd through August 5th. This year featured live musical performances from several talented bands and musicians along with fun activities for all to enjoy.

“The festival is a great way not only to highlight the Town of Lima and its charm, but also helps to bring the community together” said Falk.

Additionally The National Night Out was to be held Tuesday, August 7th from 3-7 p.m. at the Lima Town Hall. This event, in coordination with the Livingston County Sheriff’s office, showcases deputies, K-9 units, and mounted patrol units to the community while strengthening the bond between law enforcement and citizens.



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