You don’t have to sign up for Facebook or YouTube to watch – it’s all public and free! Read below for details!

If you miss it, the broadcast will be archived online so you can watch it anytime!

We will begin the broadcast at 1:45pm simultaneously on both our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. You can access these through any device and even watch it on your TV (if you already can watch the internet on your TV). You can even watch the broadcast from your phone live while you’re sitting in the stands during the game!

How to Access the Broadcast via YouTube:

This is a probably the easiest way to watch the game, since there is already a link generated for the broadcast (the YouTube Live Stream is embedded below). We will email all subscribers the link to YouTube shortly after we begin broadcasting at 1:45pm.

How to Access the Broadcast via Facebook:

If you prefer to watch 0n Facebook, just visit our Facebook page at 1:45 pm and you’ll see that we are live. If you don’t already on “like” us on Facebook, here is our page:

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch. It may ask you to either “Log in” or “Create New Account” but you don’t need to. If a window pops open asking you to join Facebook, just click the “Not Now” option and you’ll return to the game.

What you’ll see before kickoff:

We will have a graphic on the screen to let you know you’re on the right channel. It may also contain a custom video and even an ad or two, but you’ll know it’s the right channel either way.


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