Janegrace Taylor’s painting of the falls hangs at Mendon Public Library. Photo provided by Mendon Public Library

Janegrace Taylor recently brought a painting of Honeoye Falls to hang in the library. Janegrace is new to this area and sought out the falls to see what they looked like. The beauty of the scene inspired this painting.

Janegrace Taylor is a graduate of Syracuse University with a masters degree in Fine Arts. She’s a certified public art teacher and has taught fine arts, graphics arts, and photography for 32 years. She has sold work in numerous venues including the Public Market and Hungerford galleries. She’s a member of the Sumi-e Society of America exhibiting in eastern United States including Maryland, Washington, Alabama and Long Island. She is known for creating large murals including one 60 feet high. Artisan Works has collected a canvas she painted 7 x 17’ long depicting the trail of tears of the Oneida Indian Nation. The Rochester New York refugee center has permanently installed her 10 x 9’ painting depicting the plight of refugees.

For more information, check out her website,  janegracetaylor.com.

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