Manor Brownie Troop makes Summer Fun Packs

This past month, a second-grade Brownie Troop at Manor School collected donations of art supplies and small toys to give to the less fortunate in the community, in conjunction with their Celebrating Community Brownie badge work, when they learned about the needs within even this community.

HF-L has 21 homeless families within its midst so the girls felt it appropriate to collect donations for Summer Fun Packs, so even if the families don’t have things like markers, paint, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, special notebooks, etc. around the house normally, this summer they can go home with a gift bag chock-full of fun things to play with and spark their imaginations.

Girl Scout fourth-grade Juniors Kayla and Emma and Kindergarten Daisy Emily helped sort the donations and then the Brownies in Troop 60381 decorated the gift bags and selected a slew of items for each bag. They ended up collecting a good 500 items, and packed 25 gift bags full.

Happy Summer to the recipients.

The troop’s co-leaders are proud of the girls’ hard work and are excited for the future with kiddos who are developing such a civic mind.



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