WE Shop in Lima could be one stop on Small Business Saturday. File photo

Small businesses are the backbone of each and every town across the country and that is no different in this region. They are owned by your neighbors and your friends and they employee your neighbors, your friends, your children. They support local school functions like musicals, drama club shows, functions of other school clubs, school sports and youth sports, civic organizations and events.

Small Business Saturday is November 25. Now is the time to show your support and your gratitude! Local stores in the towns and villages of Honeoye Falls, Lima, Mendon, Rush, Scottsville, Wheatland, Pittsford, Avon, East and West Bloomfield and Henrietta will be open. Looking for a unique gift? You will be more likely to find it at one of the small business stores like Bleak House Books in Honeoye Falls or We Shop in Lima. Stop in at the local eateries too like the American Hotel or Lima Family Restaurant in Lima or Sweet and Cute in Honeoye Falls or Main Street Café in Honeoye Falls and Mendon.

Shop Local this holiday season, starting with Small Business Saturday on November 25.

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