Skyler Smith’s Tour of Mendon: Hair and the Hound, Part 2

LOVE TRIANGLE CONNECTED TO TOWN CLERK ~ With that lead in you may be thinking that your subscription has been switched from the Sentinel to the National Enquirer. While I try to keep my writing on the cutting edge there are lines even I won’t cross, so dial it down and please allow me to connect the dots. Last week I left you at the Hair and the Hound pet grooming salon with a guilty conscience about my relationship with my own pet and a vague promise to somehow work Mendon Town Clerk Jim Merzke into one of my articles.

It’s not just that Merzke succeeded my grandmother, June Smith, as town clerk, and is also one of my Dad’s good friends, Merzke genuinely has an audience of his own. And for what it’s worth, many of my fans have been demanding a Merzke reference. Ask and ye shall receive. Just wait me out for one paragraph.

Of the five dogs and one cat I meet during my visit to the Hair and the Hound, I have to admit that my favorite, for sure, is Olaf. Dianne has Olaf already washed, dried and groomed and ready to pose with me for the photo op as soon as we arrive. Olaf is a poodle mix named after hockey player, Olaf Kölzig. As you look at the picture here, I challenge each of you to determine who is the most photogenic; Dianne, Olaf or me?

As Dad’s friend, Mendon Town Clerk, and super hockey fan, Jim Merzke could confirm for you that Olaf Kölzig was a unique character in the annals of hockey history. Born in South Africa and nicknamed “Olie the goalie” he was the first NHL player of African descent and was a standout goaltender for the Washington Capitals.

SPIRITUAL CONFESSION ~ While I was all onboard with this concept, I have to admit I was feeling a tinge of guilt, as well as a sense of apprehension. Because I am such an honest person, I knew I would have to confess to my own dog, Sophie that I was going to spend personal time with another dog.

Sure, I could have lied to her, but we all know how that works out. I get home, guilty look in my eyes, smell of stale pet perfume on my body, and the rank taste of foreign dog breath on my lips. And of course it isn’t just one dog; there were five other canines in the building. Call it an orgy if you must, but my intentions were honorable. I swear to Lassie.

At this point I am spiritually compelled to go to confessional and ask forgiveness for my sins. Depending on how this works out, I may or may not be back next week. Say a prayer for me.



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