Marathoner and HF-L alumni Alyxandra Sherwood in front of HF-L Middle School. Photo by Alyxandra Sherwood

Honeoye Falls-Lima graduate Alyxandra Sherwood will be running the virtual Boston Marathon in Honeoye Falls and Lima on Saturday, September 12th.

Her 26.2 mile journey will start at 7AM at the Mendon Community Center, proceeding into the village before turning on York Street and heading to downtown Lima. After two loops, she will finish at the HF-L track between 11:10 and 11:30 AM. You can check out her route here:

“As a 2004 alumnus of HF-L, I am proud of my community,” she said. “Many of you may have seen me training with my signature black Nike visor. If you are able to come out and socially distance, I would love your support. This is a private race not endorsed by Honeoye Falls, Lima or Mendon. All running will take place on public roads and will finish with a lap on the HF-L High School Track which is open to the public.”

Notable viewing points:
-Mendon Community Center: 7:00AM, 9:10-9:20AM
-Honeoye Falls Village Hall: 7:05-7:10AM, 9:15-9:25AM
-Downtown Lima: 7:45-7:55AM, 10:00-10:10AM
-HF-L Middle School: 8:40-8:50AM
-Ontario Street: 11:05-11:15AM
-HF-L High School Track: 11:10-11:30AM

Want to run with her?

“I have been fundraising for Team 261 Fearless which was founded by Kathrine Switzer – the first woman to officially register and run in the Boston Marathon,” she said. “261 Fearless is hosting a virtual run the same weekend as my Boston Marathon virtual run. A $26.10 donation and your pledge to run any distance 9/07 – 9/14 includes an exclusive medal. If you put my name down as the Charity Runner you are supporting, all of the donations will go towards my Boston Marathon fundraiser:”

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