These students were at one of the most popular activities at the Lima Primary Maker Faire, making straw airplanes and then flying them in a separate area of the classroom. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

With all the choices, there was probably something that interested every student during the Lima Primary Maker Faire on Friday, June 7.

There were indoor games, outdoor fun, music activities, art and the ability to make or learn about a multitude of things.

Kindergarten and first grade students were able to make butter, make straw airplanes and fly them, create Super Hero ID badges, make whatever they wanted to out of Legos, Keva Planks or Make Do Kits, make Beebots or Ozobots or make Toy Penny Spinners. The children could learn about gardening, 3D printing, or about an animal hospital. They could take apart various items. There was an art activity, a photo booth station, face painting or getting a temporary tattoo. The students could make Freezie Pops or Trail Mix Necklaces. Music activities involved musical games, playing various instruments or Chinese Folk Dancing.

Indoor games included Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Four Corners, Parachute, Pom Pom Transfer, and balloon games. Outdoor fun featured Hula Hoops, Jump Rope and Ankle Rings.

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