In the photo above, Cinderella (played by Maia Gathercole) and her Fairy Godmother (played by Madison Fleming in a scene from Twinderella.

The Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School Drama Club presents Twinderella, a hilarious sendup of the fairy tale Cinderella, on November 22 and 23 at the District Auditorium. The November 22 performance is at 7 p.m. with performances on November 23 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

While everyone knows the story of Cinderella, no one has ever heard about Bob, her long lost twin brother who lives in the same kingdom as she does with a wicked stepfamily of his own. When Louise, the UPS worker, arrives at the separate homes with invitations from the Kingdom of Wychwood-under-Ooze, the duo are both thrilled but forbidden to attend. Cinderella is forbidden to attend by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters while Bob is forbidden to attend by his evil stepfather and stepbrothers. With the help of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and Bob’s Godfather plus two enchanted gerbils, they find a way. Cinderella crashes Princess Petunia’s birthday ball and Bob wants to attend Prince Percy’s kingdom-wide baseball game. When the two disappear at midnight, the search is on to find the feet that fit a glass slipper and a muddy cleat.

In the photo are Bob (played by Owen Dack) and his Godfather (Braedon Warren) in a scene from Twinderella. Photos by Donna MacKenzie

The show will delight audiences and has humor for all ages.

Members of the cast are Nora Anderson, Caiden Benson, Emma Benson, Zach Boehm, Lita Brady, Delaney Buckley, Ellie Camp, Aaron Campbell, Jackson Carmichiel, Gabby Chapman, Johnny Clark, Claire Connors, Maeve Connors, Owen Dack, Anna DeClerck, Chelsea DiBartolo, Owen Englert, Madison Fleming, Kaelyn Frame, Abby Fraser, Maia Gathercole, Taber Gloor, Maggie Grann, Lilah Grasley, Ruby Harrison, Jorja Harvey, Sam Healy, Olivia Henderson, Rachel Hoskins, Sophia Jacopille-Bornheimer, Caitlin Kenny, Macy Letendre, Chloe Litteer, Natalie McDonald, Hannah Miller, Paige Moscicki, Jamilet Morillo, Lucy Neff, Leora Nichols, Gina Oathout, Ashley Parrish, Megan Parrish, Jenna Quinn, Carter Reed, Mike Ruff, Myah Seniuk, Amelia Somers, Isabel Torres, Sophia Torres, Braedon Warren, Braeden Weaver, Ava Youngblut and Caleb Youngblut.

Members of the backstage crew are Owen Boggio, Jacob Camobreco, Kaylee Henshaw, Harrison Houle, Olivia Jacobs, Addie Kailborne, Holden Kamm, Matt Kirby, Hope Marble, Madeline Mehring, Payten Pritchard, Aliyah Redding, Evie Rose, Kim Salter, Bridgette Sayer, RJ Schickler, Walker Scott, Caroline Smith, Indianna Thomson, Shaun Toland, Katelynn Vukosic, Mackenna Weaver, Bernedette Whelen and Lachlan Youngblut.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.


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