Honeoye Falls Boy Scout Troop 10 took on Seneca Waterways 6th Annual Massawepie Arctic Challenge

From left to right: Troop 10 Scout Master David Knab, Troop 410 Scout Master Brad Carlson, Scouts Noah Carlson, Nolan Tompsett, Carter Parker, Jacob Camobreco, Matt Dobner, Owen Mallette and Assistant Scout Master Mark Mallette. Submitted photo

While most people scrambled to buy bread, milk and eggs before hunkering down indoors for the long weekend, Boy Scout Troop 10 of Honeoye Falls headed to the Adirondacks for the Massawepie Arctic Challenge where the weather conditions were extreme. Six (6) 12 -15 yr old boys and three (3) adult leaders arrived at the Massawepie Boy Scout Camp outside of Tupper Lake on Friday night just as Winter Storm Harper was arriving in the area. This is the third consecutive year that Troop 10 has attended this January event where the scouts learn winter camping and survival skills, enjoy winter sports and hope to earn bragging rights by sleeping outside in sub zero temperatures in a tent, lean-to or hammock. This year the boys enjoyed tubing at Pisgah Mountain, broomball at the Tupper Lake Civic Center, sledding, ice fishing, and snowshoeing at night across the frozen Massawepie Lake. Sunday night when most people were tucked in their warm beds, and while temperatures were expected to reach negative 18 degrees Fahrenheit, the boys were outside observing the unusual Super Blood Wolf Moon in nearly 3-feet of fresh snow, and strategizing how to keep warm in the coming hours before their return to Rochester Monday. So, while others are complaining about the extreme weather, the Boy Scouts are embracing it, and enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer!

For boys 11-17 years of age that might want to experience adventures like this, please contact David Knab, Troop 10 Scoutmaster at Scoutmaster@troop10.org. For girls 11-17 years of age that might want to experience adventures like this, please contact Brad Carlson, Honeoye Falls Troop 410 Scoutmaster at Girls@troop10.org.



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