The student above enjoyed creating butterfly ink stamps while the student below takes apart a computer keyboard at Lima Primary School’s Adventure Day and Maker Faire last week. Photos by Donna MacKenzie

The students at Lima Primary are used to having a Maker Faire in October and Adventure Day in the month of May. With the surge of COVID last fall, it was decided to postpone the Maker Faire and combine the two events where the children could explore and do activities of all kinds.

The Adventure Day and Maker Faire were held last Friday (May 27) with various types of things the students could do. Adventure Day activities included Hula Hoops Jump Rope, Rainbow Parachute, Pom Pom Transfers, the games of Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Four Corners and Duck Duck Goose and making Trail Mix necklaces.

Maker Faire choices included a photo booth, learning about Braddock Bay raptors, making playdough, art projects such as making butterfly ink stamps, music games, Origami, Stick-On Tattoos, hair chalk and coloring and braiding, Bee bots, ID tags, Legos, Animal Hospital, making soap, planting seeds, taking apart items such as speakers and computer keyboards and dance.

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