Cover of Deb and Tim Smith’s third book. Photo provided by Pandamensional Solutions, Inc.

The Sentinel’s own Tim & Deb Smith have released their third book just in time for great spring and summer reading in the sun. This one is titled What’s in a Name?.

In the book, they travel the world looking for places that have unusual and intriguing names and tell the stories behind them. You will learn about well-known places like Death Valley, California and Tombstone, Arizona but you will also learn about the longest place names in the world, such as the longest place name in the United States, the village in Wales with the longest place name in Europe and the longest place name in the world which happens to be found in New Zealand. You also learn about Good Grief, Idaho, Why Not, North Carolina and Dull, Scotland (yes, there really is a place called that in Scotland; so don’t think they are disparaging that fine country or its people).

It follows on the heels of their two previous books, The Beatles, The Bible & Manson – Reflecting Back With 50 Years of Perspective, and Tit For Tat Exchanges ~ Tim & Deb’s Greatest Hits.

As reflected in their work for the Sentinel their subject matter features an eclectic variety of topics including entertainment, sports, history, and human interest.

There are not a lot of opportunities to go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and order a newly released book that is by local authors. And if you would like to save yourself the tax and shipping you could swing through beautiful downtown Mendon, stop by their place at 3907 Rush Mendon Rd., and they would gladly sign and personalize a copy for you. Arrangements for this can be made by emailing or calling (757) 408-3312.

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