Mendon Town Supervisor John Moffitt presented his proposed 2018 Town Budget, honoring a commitment to stand strong on fiscal responsibility. The Town Supervisor’s 2018 Town Budget cuts the property tax rate for all Mendon residents.

“I am proud to submit a budget for 2018 that cuts the property tax rate and puts the interests of Mendon taxpayers and their families first,” said Moffitt. “Each year I take great pride in creating a budget that will provide a stable and secure environment. Best yet, this year’s property tax rate cut will keep more money in the pockets of our taxpayers. Moving forward taxpayers can continue to expect a Mendon Town government that lives within its means, strives to do more with less and always puts the interests of the taxpayers first.”

Delivers Tax Rate Cut; Complies with State Property Tax Cap:

By cutting property taxes both outside and inside the village, the 2018 Mendon Town Budget ensures that Mendon will continue to have one of the lowest tax rates in Monroe County. Town residents will see a property tax rate cut of over 5% and residents inside the Village will see a rate cut of over 1%.

The New York State Property Tax Cap was implemented in 2011 in an effort to limit local government’s overall growth. While approximately 25% of municipalities in New York State were forced to override the Property Tax Cap last year, the forward-thinking and fiscal discipline of the 2018 Town Budget puts the Town of Mendon in compliance with the Property Tax Cap.
“Our Town is incredibly fortunate to have our fiscally disciplined Town Board Members, Cynthia Carroll, John Hagreen, Mike Roberts, and Tom Dubois. We worked to deliver a budget that provides a tax cut while keeping the Town of Mendon a great place for families to live and work,” said Moffitt.

Commitment to Deliver Quality-of-Life Services:

The 2018 Mendon Town Budget guarantees to deliver services which remain vital to the town’s high quality of life. This year’s budget continues funding for a Town established Veterans Day Lunch to recognize and thank local Veterans. The Board also voted to continue to provide vital funding for programs that support our seniors.

Moffitt and the Town Board also partnered with the Honeoye Falls Lima Central School District to put in a new sidewalk on Quaker Meeting House Road which increases walkability and ensures the safety of students walking to school. The Town also received funding for a new project in the Mendon Public Library which will expand the children’s learning area.
The Town also prioritized additional funding for the resurfacing of Town roads in need of repair. They also plan to work with homeowners who currently do not have access to public water.

“I am proud to work with both Highway Superintendent Bud Smith and Town Clerk Jim Merzke as we work to provide high quality services while remaining committed to a smaller, smarter, and more efficient local government,” continued Moffitt. “Efficient services and cost savings have allowed us to cut the tax rate while funding vital road projects, increasing town walkability, providing expanded services to our children and supporting our seniors and Veterans.”

The Mendon Town Board passed the preliminary budget at their October 16th meeting. A public hearing will be held on the budget on November 13th, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Mendon Town Hall.

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