Monroe County Announces Plans to Feature Mendon During 2018 National Small Business Week Events

John Moffitt, Jeff Adair and Cheryl Dinolfo are shown having a casual conversation with the invited guests at the meeting with Mendon and Honeoye Falls business and school district leaders. Photo by Chris Carosa

At a small gathering of a dozen or so community business leaders, Monroe County Director of Planning & Development Director Jeffrey Adair announced Monroe County will be in Mendon during next year’s National Small Business Week events during the first week of May. “Small business is the backbone of the County,” said Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, who invited the guests for the gathering held at Mendon 64 early Friday morning, September 29th, 2018.

Billed as “Jobs One: A Job Creation Leadership Forum,” the meeting included members of the Mendon Community Business Association (MCBA), the Mendon Honeoye Falls Chamber of Commerce, and the Honeoye Falls-Lima School District. It was hosted by Mendon Supervisor John Moffitt. Adair made it a point to emphasize County, through its Imagine Monroe economic development program, is working with school districts to coordinate with them on economic projects.

This was not the first time Adair had spoke before a Mendon business group. Last spring, to promote Monroe County activities around the 2017 National Small Business Week, he met with members of the Mendon Community Business Association. “Jeff came back because of the energy and enthusiasm he saw at the MCBA,” said Moffitt, who was also in attendance during Adair’s first visit.

Mike Roberts, a member of the Mendon Town Board who also regularly attends the MCBA meetings, noted that we have over 90 businesses in the Hamlet of Mendon. Anna Vulaj Fitzsimmons, PTAC Program Director for Monroe County, said 98% of businesses are small businesses. “Small businesses can thrive if they hit the right niche,” said Adair. Hilary Stout, Owner of the Cottage Hotel and Mendon 64, mentioned that pedestrian traffic on the County-Owned Linear Park (The Lehigh Valley Trail, which is maintained by the Mendon Foundation) has “really livened things up in the Hamlet. “

Pamela Scully, President of the Mendon-Honeoye Falls Chamber of Commerce, asked the county representatives if they would be willing to organize a job fair focused on the Town of Mendon and Village of Honeoye Falls. The quick response was “yes.” Acknowledging the uniqueness of our community given its proximity to Lima, she then asked if Monroe County would be willing to coordinate the event with Livingston County. “We have a good working relationship with Livingston County,” said Adair.

It’s likely the Job Fair will occur well before the May 2018 National Small Business event.



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