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National Grid will support local non-profits and charitable organizations in Massachusetts and New York to assist the most impacted customers and communities

To help customers who need financial assistance, as winter energy prices are expected to rise significantly due to the global energy crisis and inflation, National Grid is committing $17 million in philanthropic funding. These funds are in addition to annual local community and philanthropic support. The funds will be distributed through National Grid and the National Grid Foundation to existing networks and community partners across Massachusetts and New York that are set up to help individuals, families and communities who need it most.

“Our customers are dealing with the impact of increasing prices across the board,” said Helen Burt, Chief Customer Officer, National Grid. “We know we can’t solve this problem by ourselves, but we want to do our part to help. These additional funds will go directly where they are needed most so that our local community partners can quickly provide relief for those in need as they navigate the months ahead.”

Helping Customers Manage Their Energy Usage and Save on Their Bills

National Grid does not control energy prices – it buys energy from the wholesale market and passes it directly on to customers at the same price with no markup or profit. But the company understands the impact of energy supply price increases on customers and communities, especially when the costs for other goods and services are also going up and is committed to playing its part to help.

That’s why National Grid has launched the Winter Customer Savings Initiative to help customers reduce their energy use and save money, better manage their bills, and secure available energy assistance.

The initiative includes numerous payment assistance programs for income-eligible customers, extensive residential and business energy efficiency programs and incentives, low-cost and nocost bill management solutions, and flexible payment programs.

To find out more and see what programs might be right for you, your family or your business, visit

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