These girls competed in the girls 9&10 Year Old Race. Left to right are Cameron McRae, MacKinley Buckley, Vivian Marshall, Lily Wisnowski, Emily Wisnowski and Arabella Grethel. Photo by Bill Krause

Unfolding this past Sunday (October 10) were The Youth Trophy Cup Runs. The full-afternoon event, comprised of 8 separate races, enjoyed its 24th year amidst a perfect, warm Fall day. The race-festival is just for children, ages 5 to 12, that live in the HF-L school district. It is conducted as part of HF-L Community Programs.

Back at the races — and repeat winners this year — were, Greta Goodberlet, in the race for 8 year olds, Mackinley Buckley in the 9&10 girls race and Evan Mason for 9&10 year old boys. Returning this year to win for the first time at the Trophy Cup Runs, was Elizabeth Geary, blazing to a finish just ahead of Harrison Williams.

Victorious for the first time at the Trophy Cup Runs, in their first year, was Juniper Torpey, among 5 year olds, Hattie Auyer, among 6 year olds, Audrey Samson for 11&12 girls and Liam Dailor for 11&12 boys.

A note of extraordinary effort and recognition goes to all the runners, ages 9 to 12. Their course at the event was significantly longer than past years due to a layout error. Rather than times in the six minute range, times were in the vicinity of ten minutes.

Volunteers and sponsors make the Youth Trophy Cup Runs a very special day. Nolan Hoh, newly appointed High School cross-country coach, enthusiastically committed the entire day to the event along with a group of his runners. Several National Honor Society students were also an enormous help with conducting all the races. Water and balloons were, again, donated by long-time sponsor Honeoye Falls Market-Place. Pizza was contributed by Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria. Additionally, Honeoye Falls Market-Place and Molye Chevrolet were important financial contributors, as they have been over many years.

A milestone happening will be on tap for the Fall of 2022 — the 25th running of the Youth Trophy Cup Runs. While fireworks might be in order for the occasion, the flashes and explosions likely to be enjoyed will simply, once again, be those of the runners as they blast over the paths and fields of school grounds.

Results for each race follows:

Elizabeth Geary is about to become a 1st time Trophy Cup Runs winner, in 3:45.7, in the 7 year old girls & boys race. Harrison Williams and Nathaniel Geary finish close behind. Photo by Bill Krause

  • 5-Year-Old Boys and Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Juniper Torpey (2:04.7), 2) Sophie Caffrey (2:14.6), 3) Quinn Bagley (2:15.5) and 4) Patrick MacCormack (2:51).
  • 6-Year-Old Boys and Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Hattie Auyer (1:49.4), 2) Alessandro Snoddy-Morales (1:57.9), 3) Maggie Nilcodem (2:02.8), 4) Jack Day (2:03.9), 5) Charles Darcy (2:57).
  • 7-Year-Old Boys and Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Elizabeth Geary (3:45.7), 2) Harrison Williams (3:49), 3) Nathaniel Geary (3:52.2), 4) Abigail Flynn (4:07.7), 5) Jacob Pude (4:13.6). Other finishers were Wyatt Torpey, Emma MacCormack, Summer Powell, Alina Wager, Adeline Zittel, Anna Cole and Anya Bowman.
  • 8-Year-Old Boys and Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Greta Goodberlet (3:26.2), 2) Colden Campbell (3:27.8), 3) Owen Darcy (3:49.3), 4) Paislee Liberatore (3:50.9), 5) CJ Gray (3:55.7). Other finishers were Jose Vasile, Juliet Grethel, Ethan Groet, John Ferraina and Ansley McRae.
  • 9 and 10-Year-Old Girls Race: 1) Mackinley Buckley (9:39.7), 2) Arabella Grethel (11:54), 3) Lily Wisnowski (12:08.3), 4) Cameron McRae (14:07.6), 5) Vivian Marshall (14:10.7) and 6) Emily Wisnowski (14:32.3).
  • 9 and 10-Year-Old Boys Race: 1) Evan Mason (7:45), 2) Braiden Powell (7:48), 3) Charles Marasco (9:19), 4) Evan Welles (9:39.1) and 5) Hudson Williams (11:12.4).
  • 11 and 12-Year-Old Girls Race: 1) Audrey Samson (10:05), 2) Lily Caffrey (10:17.1).
  • 11 and 12-Year-Old Boys Race: 1) Liam Dailor (8:02.9) and 2) Luke Washburn (10:47.2).

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