ROC the Day 2017 a success for the HF-L Education Fund

ROC the Day 2017, the annual “day of giving” sponsored by Rochester’s local United Way helped the HF-L Education Fund raise over $3,000 toward their fundraising goal of $5,000 for the year.

“We are so pleased that members and HF-L Alumni in our community realize the benefit the HF-L Education Fund provides to our staff and our students”, said Laurene Hofmann, HF-L Ed Fund Chairperson. “Donating to the HF-L Education Fund is a great way to give back locally and actually see your dollars at work in the classroom!” Hofmann reinforces that “every staff member is welcome to take part in the application process and submit for consideration a tool or resource that could not otherwise be provided through the normal budget cycle”.

Most recently, the Education Fund awarded 3 grants; a projector for PE at Lima Primary which will enable technology to make their “movement practice” safer and more fun! Compost bins for home and careers at the middle school which promote sustainability and impact many middle school children and our environment. Stability seats for special education at the Manor School. These seats help children focus on their work at hand and keep them engaged in their activities.
Why give to the HF-L Education Fund?

While the district budget continues to support the fundamentals of a great education at HF-L, the Education Fund provides teachers with grants to support programs and initiatives that fall outside the financial reach of the school district’s budget.
The HF-L Education Fund is committed to promoting innovative academic opportunities for our students. As explained by HF-L Staff, the Education Fund raises money for grants to Staff for innovative, creative and diverse educational initiatives that go above and beyond our school district’s requirements.

To date, the HF-L Education Fund has awarded over $15,000 to our staff for enrichment resources that directly impact our students.

Please consider supporting the Education Fund. For more information visit or contact Laurene Hofmann (HF-L Education Fund Chairperson) at

The HF-L Education Fund Trustees are:

Lisa Moosbrugger, Dawn Hiller-Harvell, Nick Norvell, Hilary Stott, Mike McDougall, Drew Costanza, David Shaffer, Dave Francis, Paul Chen, Laura Villanti and Laurene Hofmann.



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