From left to right is VFW Post 26 First Vice Floyd Watkins, Cmdr Mike Falk, Siobhan Neenan, Patriots Pen Chairman Tom Reynolds, Quartermaster Dave Dinehart and Parade Driver Ben Dodsweit. Photo provided by Mike Falk

Siobhan Neenan wrote the VFW Post 26 Patriots Pen winning essay and read it during the town of Lima’s Memorial ay celebration on May 27 at the Town Hall. Following is her essay.

Patriots Pen

By Siobhan Neenan

What inspires me about America? Is it the breath-taking cities or the amazing farmland that stretches for miles? Is it the rich history of our country? Thousands have given up their lives for our country either today or two hundred years ago. America started out with an idea; the idea of freedom and liberty for all. Which has been broken many times throughout our history, but there have always been the heroes who have set us straight. The fight for liberty has not been easy or even close to it. Between twenty-five thousand and seventy thousand patriots died in the Revolutionary war for our freedom from the British. Brave Americans then gave their lives to end the institution of Slavery. Fast forward to 1900’s and courageous Americans gave their service and lives to their country. Our country faced natural disasters and an economic disaster, and we have worked through it all. Our courage and determination WWI and WWII tested us, but it only made us stronger. Thousands died just to give us our freedom. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was meant to break us, but our strength only grew. We responded ready to defend our country and our people. The Cold War was the closest time our world has come to nuclear war, but we kept our peace. Although our country has not been perfect. We have turned away from the right decision many times because it was hard. Many groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino’s, and women were often given second or third best. Our country has made many mistakes, but we have grown a long way. To me the thing that inspires me most about America is our future. Definitely, our work is cut out for us as Americans, but that does not scare me. It inspires me. It makes me want to go out and help shape our country and point us down the correct path. As Americans it is our job and responsibility from those who founded our country and gave us this opportunity. Many of us go through life, just going through the motions, but this is no way to live. We need to look for new opportunities to make our Country better than it was before we came here. 

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