Tim & Deb Smith’s new book is on sale at Amazon now. Book cover provided by Pandemsional Solutions

Where will you be able to enjoy complimentary appetizers as well as see one former Miss USA, two former NFL players, the Town Supervisor of Mendon, the Mayor of Honeoye Falls, and a Monroe County Legislator all at one event? That would be the line-up of guests scheduled to be in attendance on Thursday, April 11th at Mendon 64 between 5:00 and 7:00 pm for the book launch and signing for Tim & Deb Smith’s newest book, their 6th, which is titled Crowning the Animal Kingdom.

Tim & Deb’s new book is a project that truly transcends their previous works. They started out with the goal of writing a book about animals where they were going to employ their irreverent style to compose countdowns of the most famous animals of every significant species. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!…

Then the idea occurred to them that if they could contact some zoos and aquariums and seek out their specific stories, from humorous names to heartwarming animal tales, it would add a level of depth coming “right from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak. They initially covered the United States before going global where their response continued to be positive and an interesting and unexpected twist developed.

They were contacted by the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda who asked if they could share their story in the Smiths’ animal endeavor. Next thing they knew, requests to be included in the book were pouring in from Africa like the rapids rushing over Victoria Falls. And an added element of these animal sanctuaries in Africa is that theirs are stories of animal rescues and survival as opposed to animal exhibitions.

The final phase was to bring in dozens of animal advocacy groups to contribute to their various species’ components and in that process, they came to realize that if you are an animal walking, swimming, or flying on this planet, there’s a group out there somewhere looking out for your best interests.

The final tally ended up with inclusions from all 50 states, 107 countries, 1500 animals, and 200 contributors. This constitutes what has been referred to as “the largest global networking of zoological organizations ever achieved.” Our community can collectively take pride in the fact that this global project was spearheaded from the headquarters of the Sentinel compound nestled in the heart of beautiful downtown Mendon. That compound has become the conduit through which written contributions have been channeled from all over the world to bring this project to fruition.

So the Sentinel would like to encourage the community to support this uniquely outstanding local effort. Join the Smiths and their guests at the Mendon 64 book launch and signing, check out the book on Amazon, or stop by Tim & Deb’s “sidewalk office.” Soon, as has been the tradition for years, you will be seeing them every evening writing outside their 4-corners hamlet headquarters at 3907 Rush-Mendon Road.

Circling back to the event on Thursday, April, 11th, your roster of local celebrities at Mendon 64 next Thursday is scheduled to include former Miss USA Mary Therese Friel, former NFL players Joe Bock and Felix Joyner, Mendon Town Supervisor John Moffitt, and Honeoye Falls Mayor/Monroe County Legislator Rick Milne. Please join them, and host Hilary Stott, for those complimentary appetizers and the “casual elegance” of Mendon 64 at 1369 Pittsford Mendon Road.

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