Some of Sharon Kissack’s Felted Art which is on display at the Mendon Public Library through mid-October. Photo courtesy of Mendon Public Library

To create the felted art now on display at the Mendon Public Library, Sharon Kissack explains, “You need to do the following things to make felt: have sheep; shear them; wash the fleece; card the fleece; and then manipulate the fleece in a variety of ways to turn the fibers into felt. It’s a very physical process and an intuitive one, too.”

Sharon said she started felting after suggesting to a friend that they attend a class on felting together mainly because she thought her friend would love it. Sharon went on to make a business out of felt making. Ironically, the friend never made felt again.

The works on display are all made with natural sheep fibers with a few natural dyes and various odd pieces of yarn added for color.

A retired physical education teacher, gardener, quilter and photo collage artist, Sharon shares these outstanding felt works with our community to let people see what can be done with natural fibers.

“I sold items at fine art shows in the 80’s, but really just appreciated and enjoyed the process of felting,” Sharon said.

Sharon’s work will remain on display at the Mendon Public Library through mid-October. Stop by to see them during the Library’s open hours, Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 7 pm, and Friday, 10 am – 3pm.

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