Good News, Mother’s Day and More This Month

Salute Your Mom in Next Week’s Sentinel; Tell Us By Friday

Sunday is Mother’s Day. You won’t be taking her out to brunch this year, but we’re willing to bet you will do something special. And this year, it really will be special. So special the telling of it will perk up the ears and entice others. You won’t think that way, but that’s because you’re too modest.

Don’t be too modest.

Tell us in 50 words or less how you saluted your mom this Mother’s Day. Is there any better gift you can give your mother?

Send your quip to us at by noon next Monday. Be sure to use the subject line: “Mother’s Day Salute,” or else we might miss it (and your mother will be so disappointed). We’ll print the best of them. Will your story make the cut?

There’s more going on this May. You might be antsy staying at home, but we hear you’ll want to stay home for this one. You might even be hoping it rains this carnival weekend.


Is it because the Mendon Fireman’s Carnival was corona-cancelled this year?


Stay tuned next week for the breaking news.

In the meantime, enjoy our new size, our wider columns, and our brand-new logo. Looks cool, doesn’t it? You can join us in giving Caleb Cooley a special shout out for coming up with the design idea. Are you interested in knowing what the new logo means? Turn to page 3 and read The Carosa Commentary to discover not only how (and why) The Sentinel got its name, but the story behind the new logo (and what Revolutionary War accessory inspired our name but didn’t make it when it came to the logo).

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