The restored facade at HF-L high school. Submitted photo

Mendon Town Clerk James P. Merzke wants residents to be aware that credit card convenience fees will be waived for online payment of 2020 school taxes.

On August 13, 2020, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello issued a press release announcing that credit card convenience fees will be waived for online payment of 2020 School District Taxes. Fees will be waived from September 1, 2020, to November 18, 2020, for online credit card payments only.

If you are a resident of Monroe County and would like to pay your School Taxes online with a credit card, go to the Monroe county website ( On the righthand side of that page is a box entitled “Top Online Services.” The first choice in that box is “View/Pay Taxes Online.” Click on that box and you will be directed to the Disclaimer page. Click “I Agree” if you want to continue. On the next screen type your house number in the first box and your street name in the second box. As you type the street name, a dropdown box should appear with the full name and ZIP code. Click on that dropdown box to fill in the street name. Then click the search button (if you know your parcel ID number you can enter that instead to the right of the street address. That would probably work best for parcels with no street number). That brings you to a page with your parcel’s information. Near the top right corner is a green button “Pay Property Taxes.” That will bring you to another page where you can start the process of paying with your credit card.

“The waiver is to make payments easier and with as little contact as possible for the safety of both taxpayers and municipal employees. Please take advantage of it if you can,” Merzke said.

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