In the photo above, HF-L Middle School student Andrew Cook discusses the project on Roberto Clemente which he and Gianna Woodcock worked on for the Middle School History Expo last Thursday night. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

There were 25 projects on display by eighth-grade students during the Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School History Expo on February 16 and some of them are advancing to a regional competition on March 4 at Genesee Country Village and Museum.

The projects were done as part of the National History Day competition. This year’s theme was Frontiers in History.

Nolan Filiatrault, JJ Bills and Noah Hullihen collaborated on a project on Jackie Robinson. Emma Blythe, Amy Bianchi and Emily Lawrence teamed for a project on Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Addison Boggio, Haley Morrison and Emily Hart worked on a project on Susan B. Anthony. Roberto Clemente was the subject for Andrew Cook and Gianna Woodcock. Maylee Cross, Rylee Gingo, Tatum Douglas and Emma Barnhardt’s project was on Amelia Bloomer. John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil was the topic for Grace Elliot and Mabel Schickler. Ethan Ransom and Ben Ferman selected The Treaty of Versailles for their topic. Melina Grasso, Savanah McMasters and Tegan O’Connor chose The Creation of NATO for their project. Blake Fisher, Brian Finn and Grady Goodberlet teamed up on The Manhattan Project. Cade Merrill, Linden Bellizzi and Oliver Osterling’s project was on the Creation of the CIA. Kylee Gingo, Nora Allison and Sam Oliver’s presentation was on The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Kezia King, Emma Kingsley and Samira Ameeni collaborated for a project on Women’s Rights and Alice Paul. Ailey Chambers and Jasmine Brucato chose Pearl Harbor for their project. Max Jacopille-Bornheimer, Will Gabrielsen, Costa Stefano and Zander Jones worked together for a presentation on D-Day and the Normandy Campaign. Wilson Bond, Thomas Cushman and Lukas Fischer’s project was on Composite Airliners. Lillian Carey, Elise Klein and Asher Curcio worked on the topic of The AIDS Epidemic. Ava Yusko, Skyler Cooper and Eoin Kim made a video documentary on The Murder of Emmett Till. Lindsay Mason, Ava Zeh and Brooke Gruschow’s topic was on Flappers of the 1920s. Kyla Gurell and Eme Goode presented a project on Albert Einstein.

The photo above is one of the seventh-grade projects on The American Revolution. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

Grace Francis, Olivia Smith and Emily Fay’s project was on Women in Science. Madison Spaulding, Peterah Deisenroth and Raegan Banker took Gay Marriage Laws as their topic. Louden Cates and Isaac Yaddaw made a video documentary on The Triple Nickels. There were four live performance projects: The Lego Corporation by Jonathan Stillwell and Freddy Kirkwood, The Pandemic of 1918 by Chelsie Wells, Ryleigh Abell, Irene Sesnie and Ella Fowler and The Tuskegee Airmen by Aaron Gurell, Brian Fanning and Greyson Etter.

Projects moving on to regional competition are: Grace Francis, Olivia Smith and Emily Fay’s Women in Science, Mabel Schickler and Grace Elliot’s John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil, Ava Zeh and Brooke Gruschow’s Flappers of the 1920s, Kyla Gurell and Eme Goode’s Albert Einstein, Emily Lawrence, Emma Blythe and Amy Bianchi’s Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Lillian Carey, Elise Klein and Asher Curcio’s The AIDS Epidemic and Irene Sesnie, Chaelsie Wells, Ryleigh Abell and Ella Fowler’s The Pandemic of 1918.

In addition to the eighth-grade projects, seventh-grade students showcased projects on the American Revolution as part of the Expo.

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