Patrick Adair and Cal Grasley discuss their project on Hitler’s Olympics in 1936 during the Middle School History Fair in February. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

When the Middle School History Fair took place in February, nobody knew how far any of the projects would go in the History Day competition. Two months later, the answer is two projects by Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School students and one project by a high school student are headed to the state-level competition.

The theme this year was “Debate and Diplomacy: Success, Failures, and Consequences”.

A website project by Ashley Parrish, Megan Parrish, Trinity Johnson and Kerrington Ekholm titled The Creation of the CIA and a performance-based project by Claire Conners, Maeve Conners, Michael Ruff and Bridget Wise on Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka were part of the Middle School History Fair on February 17. Those two projects plus a documentary project by Edward Brown titled Belvedere, Gdansk, and the Round Table: The Polish Path to Freedom were chosen to move on to the state competition from the Regional competition round.

The Middle School History Fair featured 23 projects. Besides the two chosen to go on to the state competition, the other projects were Albert Zhang’s website project on The Flu That Almost Killed The World, Elias Courtney, Blake McDonald and Aiden Kearney’s video documentary on The History of McDonald’s, Maddy Etter, Tali Camobreco and Abby Lange’s performance project on Jesse Owens and the Berlin Olympics, Hera Shaheed’s powerpoint project called Journey to America, Patrick Adair and Cal Grasley’s sway project on Hitler’s Olympics, Natalie Gilbert, Hazel Jokl and Elianna Davis’ video documentary on The History of Cloning, Sarah Smith, Jenna Lawrence and Anna DeClerck’s video documentary Reagan and Gorbachev, Jack Lighthouse, Caleb Youngblut and Max Michael’s website project on the Panama Canal, Braedon Junot, Andy Fosler and Rowan Hill’s website project on Code Breaking in World War II, Lita Brady, Ava Youngblut and Evie Rose’s video documentary on Betty Friedan and NOW, Ariana Alguire and Olivia Hammond’s video documentary on the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Ayla Harrington, Alex DeGama and Katie Manternamo’s website project on Niagara Falls Love Canal, Isabel Torres, Maddy Wright and Kaitlyn Snavlin’s video documentary Susan B. Anthony and Women’s Suffrage, Kinnick Cates, Aaron Campbell, Lucas Snyder and Archer Stifling’s powerpoint on The Songs of the Vietnam War, Cayden Kusko, Wyatt Petraitis and Cam Mosher’s website project Bill Gates and Microsoft, Dean McGunnigle, Brynn Hoyt and Lena Bastian’s website project MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, Isabella Hendler and Sophie Eberle’s sway project on Transgenders and Athletics, Olivia Gates and Alysa Richards’ website project Women of NASA, Ruby Harrison, Gabby Chapman and Atticus Kim’s website project on Japanese American Internment, Lukas Wilson, Julian Palmer and Matt Remus’ video documentary Space Race and Natalie McDonald, Michaela Size and Bri Rowles’ website Evolution of Disney.

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