HF-L students can now walk safely on Quaker Meeting House Road

HF-L School Board President Amy West, Town board member Cynthia M. Carroll , HF-L School Superintendent Gene Mancuso (in front) and Town Supervisor John Moffitt and School Board member David Francis (back row, left to right) took a look at the new sidewalk on the first day of school last Tuesday. Submitted photo

For nearly twenty-five years, concerns regarding students walking along Quaker Meeting House Road, towards Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School have been voiced. The property runs along a Town of Mendon road, just outside the limits of the village. The town had looked for numerous solutions and this year the Mendon Town Board and Town Supervisor decided to take a decisive step.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the efforts the town has made to make this sidewalk a reality,” said Renee Williams, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. “There is now a safe location for students and community members to walk along Quaker Meeting House Road. As a resident of Mendon and a member of the school community, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.”

Working with an inter-municipal agreement, the town built the sidewalk, and the school district will clear the snow from the sidewalk. This sharing of resources and responsibilities has been something unique between the HFL school district and the numerous municipal governments. Whether it is serving as a County refueling station for sheriff’s deputies, repairing and providing maintenance for the Honeoye Falls ambulance, or working with Lima and Honeoye Falls to share rentals of large equipment or to provide reciprocal plowing services, the school district recognizes that we have responsibilities to be frugal and smart with tax payer dollars.

Students were already walking on the new sidewalk on the first day of school, and many dog walkers and exercise enthusiasts have already had a chance to enjoy the new stretch of sidewalk.

“John Moffit and the Town of Mendon has made community safety a priority. We have been fortunate to have no injuries on this road,” said Williams. “This is one more way that together we are continuing to do our best for the communities we serve.”

On behalf of all of us who share in the responsibility for caring for the students of the community, thank you to the Mendon Town Board for completing this project.



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