Longtime HFMP employees recognized are (from left) John Quatela, Barb Harvey, Heather Paciorek, Kathy Palmer, Elsie Mannix, Corey Donner, Bethany Kleinhans, Titch Tyson, Diane Utter, Karen Kleinhans and Terry Anders. Not pictured is Karen Weber. Longtime Mendon Marketplace employees recognized in photo below are (from left) Dave Lenhard, Greg Utter, Janet Way, Jamie Scheck, Andy DiTucci and Doug DiTucci. Submitted photos

The retail grocery business faces many challenges in today’s world. When Honeoye Falls Market Place and Mendon Marketplace think about what has made our business successful, it is really about the people. We can have great quality products, new equipment, clean floors, new lights, but at the end of the day, it is the people that we hire that make the difference in whether a customer has a positive shopping experience or not.

All of our employees are valuable; part-time, full-time, people who have started within the past year, and people who have been with us for many years. This year however, marks a milestone for several of our employees, and it is one that doesn’t happen often, especially in a retail business.

Five of our employees, have been with us for 35 years. These employees have stuck with us through many changes over the years. They bring a lot of experience to our business, which we are very grateful for. Seven of our employees, between both stores, travel from the Spencerport and Gates areas to come here to work every day. They are extremely reliable, traveling to work in all kinds of weather, and doing whatever task needs to be done, from shoveling snow, to fixing whatever may be broken on any given day. They are dedicated, loyal, hardworking, flexible, and so valuable to the success of our stores.

Our office manager, Titch Tyson, works between both stores. She comes in very early every morning and opens the store, doing whatever needs to be done that morning to get the store ready for business.

John Quatela, our Meat Manager in HF, is invaluable in many ways. He’s not only excellent at running the meat department, but whenever anything breaks, everyone calls John, as he is usually able to assess the problem and offer a solution.

Diane Utter, our Receiving Manager, runs the receiving department in both stores, and has an eye for detail, which limits the amount of mistakes that are made and helps us run efficiently.

Karen Kleinhans is our assistant Deli manager, coming in early in the morning, managing many tasks to get the deli ready for the day.

Greg Utter is the manager of the Mendon Meat Department. His knowledge, experience and dedication to the store, enable us to provide premium, quality meats, and excellent customer service to our customers. We are very grateful for the longevity and work ethic of these employees, and want to celebrate and recognize them in their 35th year.

In addition to our 35 year employees, Elsie Mannix, currently our Dairy/Frozen manager, and our night manager on Sundays, has been with us for 23 years. She has had many roles within the store, is very flexible, dedicated and passionate about training employees and providing the customer with a positive customer experience.

We also have seven employees in Honeoye Falls, and six in Mendon, who have been with us for 10 or more years. That is something to celebrate, in a business that generally sees high turnover. In Mendon we have Janet Way (Office Manager), Jamie Scheck (Dairy and Night Manager), Doug DiTucci (Frozen and Night Manager), Andy DiTucci (Produce and Store Manager), Lisa Tyson (Scanning/Receiving clerk) and Dave Lenhard (Meat Cutter). In Honeoye Falls, we have Barb Harvey (Office Clerk), Bethany Kleinhans (Front End Manager), Kathy Palmer (Deli/Bakery Manager), Corey Donner (Baker), Heather Paciorek (Scanning/Receiving Clerk), Terry Anders (Meat Cutter), and Karen Weber (Produce and Floral Clerk).

We recognize all of our long term employees, and appreciate the consistency they provide, as well as their hard work and dedication. Together, along with the many other valuable and hardworking employees we have, we hope to continue to serve the Honeoye Falls, Mendon and surrounding communities with a quality supermarket, in a place close to home.


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