The members of the Lima High School Class of 1966 gathered for this photo at the Lima High reunion earlier this month. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

The members of the Lima High School Class of 1966 gathered for this photo at the Lima High reunion earlier this month. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

With over 140 people in attendance, the alumni of Lima High School held their annual alumni banquet on July 9 at Lima Country Club.

This year, the Lima High School Class of 1966 were the honorees as they were celebrating their golden anniversary (50 years) of their graduation. Of the 46 graduates and five who were honorary classmates, 27 of the alumni were present at the banquet. Eight of the classmates have passed away.

Those members of the class of 1966 in attendance were Robert Abbey, Vicki Shutt Abbey, Susan Beare Allen, Floyd Chatterton, Suzanne Brisbane Coene, Charlie Cole, Sharon Ollerenshaw Cook, Nora Roeser Doser, Casey Ringland Goodall, Hope Thompson Graham, Patricia Maloy Harris, Tim Knop, Arch Krest, Marylou Tremer Krest, Tom Lancer, John Magar, John Manning, Gail Hushla Noble, Gary Parisella, Colleen Plimpton, Pat Reynolds, Ed Rouse, Patricia Farnan Sykes, Bill Taylor, John Thomas, Gerry Tubbs and Fred Williamee. The eight classmates who have passed away are David Corry, Linda Gates Guy, Diane Proctor Riscobene, David Nunemaker, Wayne Rose, Carrie Simmons Szabla, Jack Sherman and Anna Rader Soule.

Reynolds served as the master of ceremonies for the event and introduced his fellow alumni classmates. Lancer paid tribute to the military veterans among those assembled. Following the delicious buffet dinner, a roll call of classes was conducted. Jane Decker Barnard represented the earliest class present (Class of 1934). Other classes celebrating five year special anniversary years were the Class of 1946 with three members present: Louise Nowack Dolliver, Rita Concannon Hayes and Hildegarde Werner Turk; and the class of 1961 with six members present: David Beare, Mary Susan Weit Menz, Joan Bawden Reilly, Marilyn Potter Thurston, Genevieve Hayes Tubbs and Marilyn Krebbeks Varney.

The alumni also remembered the 17 members who have passed away since the last alumni banquet in July 2015. They were Willowmay McGeaery VanDoran (Class of 1934), Anna Parisella Kossow and Gladys Brisbane Loss (both Class of 1940), Gerald Madigan (Class of 1945), Daniel Hogan and Gladys Hayward Smith (both Class of 1946), Jack Donegan (Class of 1948), Ruth Wilson Kotila (Class of 1949), Louise Perry Stanford (Class of 1950), Gene Beckwith and Sylvia Harvey Ryan (both Class of 1951), Mary Schillinger Semmel (Class of 1956), Anna Rader Soule and Jack Sherman (both Class of 1966), Michele Hushla Ghijselinck and John Mix (both Class of 1968) and Kenneth Kelly (Class of 1969).

Those assembled then sang the Lima High School Alma Mater and God Bless America. Socializing and reminiscing continued after the formal festivities. Lima High School existed from 1919 to 1969 at which time the Lima and Honeoye Falls School Districts were merged to form Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District.

The next reunion will be July 8, 2017 at Lima Country Club.


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