In the photo above left, this girl at Lima Primary was in keeping with the spirit of the day last Friday when the school held its Flag Day ceremony in the morning and its Teddy Bear picnic in the afternoon as she holds her bear and a flag. In the photo above right, this boy brought his stuffed raccoon to the Lima Primary Teddy Bear picnic last Friday. Both photos by Donna MacKenzie

Stuffed animals abounded at the annual Lima Primary Teddy Bear picnic last Friday after the kindergarten and first-grade students celebrated Flag Day in the morning.

The annual picnic allows the children to bring their favorite stuffed animal (or doll) to school and the students’ parents also come and have a picnic-style lunch with the students on the grounds of the school. This year, the weather even cooperated with sunny skies and a warm, but not too hot, day.

Among the animals seen at the picnic were all sizes and colors of teddy bears, tigers, frogs, cougars, some lions, several dogs and cats, a wolf, a couple of raccoons, a few monkeys and rabbits and a unicorn. A few little girls even brought their dolls to the picnic.


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