On Thursday, May 25, 2017, the Livingston County Conservative Party held screening meetings at Peppermint’s Family Restaurant (Avon, NY). The purpose of the meeting was to consider which candidates would carrythe party’s endorsement in this year’s election.

Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following comments regarding the party’s designations.

“Looking back on the 2013 election, experience was a key issue for many Conservative voters looking for the next Livingston County Sheriff. Following that election, I spoke with Sheriff Dougherty, and told him that if he handled his position well, that he would be the candidate with the most experience heading into 2017. The Conservative Party recognizes that every new officeholder will have a learning curve, but Sheriff Dougherty has adapted to the demands of his office more quickly than anticipated. Over the last four years, he has led the Sheriff’s Department with integrity, and by example. Accordingly, the Conservative Party is pleased to offer the incumbent Sheriff Tom Dougherty our hearty endorsement in this Fall’s Election.”

“Regarding the races for Town Supervisor, the Conservative Party has currently opted to endorse in three of the twelve seats up for election this November. The Party will be actively involved in the Conesus, Lima and Livonia races for Town Supervisor, and continues conversation with additional candidates seeking this level of office in other towns.”

“The recent announcement that Supervisor Pete Yendell will not be seeking reelection, leaves an open seat in the Town of Lima. Sadly, the Livingston County Conservative Party is looking at empty storefronts, and a vacant lot where the town’s only grocery store formerly sat. Lima Conservatives are looking for an individual who recognizes that government can be a friend to the business community. The Party has chosen Michael J. Falk as its candidate. Falk is an Eagle Scout, veteran of the Gulf War, and a soldier who completed his military service as a Captain. He holds a Master Degree in Systems Management. Mr. Falk is a small business owner, and active in volunteer capacities as the President of Lima’s German Club and the Crossroads Council, which helps local businesses hold the annual Crossroads Blues Festival. Mike Falk brings a fresh perspective and positive solutions to the community. He will serve Lima residents and all of Livingston County well as a town supervisor.

Looking again at the Town of Lima, Town Justice Harold J. Harris is seeking the endorsement of Livingston County Conservatives. Judge Harris is not new to the Lima bench. Harris has served in this capacity since 2010, and Lima is the better for it. Harris recognizes the deterrent to crime that firm justice plays in our system, but also carries the wisdom and compassion that every good judge must possess. He recognizes that a well-spoken word to a defendant at a critical moment in their lives can change the course of their life story. The Livingston County Conservative Party welcomes Judge Harris’ continued service to our community.


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