Kapkom‐US, founded by local husband and wife team Andrew Sheppard and Stephanie Tolan, has just been awarded $6 million in international contracts for its Echelon system. The Echelon system combines a variety of hardware and software technologies to provide transmission, aggregation and analysis of intelligent data in areas where traditional networking technologies are not possible or feasible. The newly awarded Echelon contracts will be used for border security in Central Asia and to improve mining efficiency and safety in Canadian underground mining.

Sheppard and Tolan founded Kapkom‐US two years ago out of their Honeoye Falls, NY home and have recently expanded into office space within the Village Gate. The business began when the couple realized their personal and career experiences as well as a passion for entrepreneurship could be the basis for a viable business.

“We found that we work well together, that our skills and experience complement one another. Both of us have experienced other countries and cultures and we wanted to do something positive in the world and set an example for our kids. We want the kids to see us working together, and working hard, for something we both believe in.” says Sheppard. The couple credits their success on the strength of their personal and professional relationship. “Usually, we have the same goals, but often see very different ways to reach those goals.” says Tolan “It makes for a lot of lively conversation.”

Tolan and Sheppard bring a diverse set of experiences to their partnership. Tolan began her career in advertising before moving into IT Management and Business Operations, with experience in manufacturing, software development and higher education. Sheppard’s unique experience started with twenty years as a Communications Officer in the British Army, serving worldwide in a number of operational theatres. KapKom‐US was founded as a consulting company, and the couple plans to split off their technology contracts into a new company next year to pursue additional opportunities.

KapKom specializes in global strategy consulting, communications and technology for the international mining, defense, security and humanitarian industry sectors and excels at understanding the complexities of strategic planning and business development processes. Kapkom has particular expertise in developing client market strategies and emerging technologies for diversification into new and adjacent verticals.

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