Fastest 5-year-olds in town, Noah Bauck (center), with Evan Mason at left and Brayden Mailaber at right. Photo by Bill Krause

As with the winds that blew, ninety-eight 5 to 12 year olds all swept to the finish at this year’s Youth Trophy Cup Runs race festival. The skies were dramatic and so were the finishes, effort and performances. The rapid-fire succession of eight cross-country races were on Sunday of Fall Weekend, October 8th. It was the 21st year of the HF Community Program’s running celebration just for HF-L youth.

There was one course record on the day and several near misses. The record was Breck Masters in the run for 6 year olds. His 1:29.8 record must have been especially satisfying, as it topped the 1:32 record set by his sister, Brooklyn, the previous year. Brooklyn faired great again this year, stepping up to the longer course for 7 year olds and capturing third place in 3:33.
Near misses were Liam Dailor in the 7 year old run. His 3:15.5 was just 1.5 seconds short of Linden Bellizzi’s record time. For 8 year olds, Grady Goodberlet was only 3.5 seconds off of Joshua Vogt’s 2011 record of 3:11.

Many high school athletes, from the HF-L running teams and other sports, volunteered to help make the event extra fun for all participants. The water, apples and balloons donated by Honeoye Falls Market-Place were enormously appreciated by all runners. Pizza, donated by Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria, was an especially tasty treat and a well-earned post-race reward. John Price’s local office of Edward Jones and Molye Chevrolet provided generous financial contributions to the event, as did the Honeoye Falls branch of M&T Bank. Branch Manager, Cybil Brock, and her branch colleagues rolled up their sleeves on race day as race volunteers, as well.
Race results follow.

5 Year Old Boys & Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Noah Guack (1:42.87), 2) Evan Mason (1:43.74), 3) Brayden Mailaber (1:44.19), 4) Kamden Pratt (1:44.76), 5) Greta Goodberlet (1:50.22). Other finishers were Charlie Marasco, Beatrice Corey, Evan Khona, Arabella Grethel, Kate Fosler, Oliver Silvestrini, Hanna Brucato, Jonah Lindsay, Meredith Bailey, Avey Prude, Autumn Carpenter, Santino LoBiondo, Jack Borgensen, Jack Merrill, Henry Lindsay and Jaiden Yong.
6 Year Old Boys & Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Breck Masters (1:29.83, new course record), 2) Collin Bellizzi (1:30.45), 3) Vivian Marshall (1:39.93), 4) Eli Silvestrini (1:48.03), 5) Megan Merrill (1:48.75). Other finishers were Emily Richards, Alexis Ludwig, Mallory-Nicole Batz, Chase Carpenter and Jane Henshaw.

7 Year Old Boys & Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Liam Dailor (3:15.5), Reed Woodruff (3:24.56), 3) Brooklyn Masters (3:33.32), 4) Matthew McQuillan (3:39.33), 5) Natalie Kenny (3:41.63). Other finishers were Charlotte Hulsey, Nyla Armbruster, Harper Jacob, Audrey Samson, Henry Harris, Anneleise Corey, Chase McVige, Abby Flagg, Lydia Borgeser, Quentin Marshall, Mark Fosler, Skylar Myers, Bennett Gianforti, Megan Gianforti, Sydney Smith, Ali Marasco, Brody Mandak, Morgan Spaulding and Reese Camp.

8 Year Old Boys & Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Grady Goodberlet (3:14.69), 2) Linden Bellizzi (3:14.97), 3) Emily Lawrence (3:19.15), 4) Eliana Magorka (3:21.57), 5) Rebecca Rozzi (3:29.66). Other finishers were Brian Fanning, Cade Merrill, Brooke Gruschow, Katy Feeley, Michael Spaulding, Amy Bianchi, Lindsay Mason, Collin Bailey, Jasmine Brucato and Emily Hart.

9 & 10 Year Old Girls Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Jenna Lawrence (5:40.48), 2) Gretchen Hulsey (5:48.71), 3) Katie Hulsey (6:02.87), 4) Adeline Beutner (6:05.32), 5) Alysa Richards (6:29.27). Other finishers were Emma Rozzi, Ivy Hoskins, Anna Nikodem, Natalie Gilbert, Sophe Eberle, Hope Marble and Kaylee Henshaw.

9 & 10 Year Old Boys Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Braden Bellizzi (5:33.07), 2) Jacob McVige (5:45.11), 3) JP Gianforti (5:47.15), 4) James Coler (5:47.5), 5) Shane Samson (5:51.86). Other finishers were Sean McQuillan, Andy Fosler, Jackson Coon and Johnathan Clark.

11 & 12 Year Old Girls Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Ellie Martin (6:01.74), 2) Kate Dailor (6:02), 3) Grace Martin (6:24.07), 4) Basciar Aujona (6:31.06), 5) Elisabeth Kenny (7:50.07), 6) Lana Fisk (9:08.38).
11 & 12 Year Old Boys Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Amer Armbruster (6:32.01).

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