Sarah Churnetski, Megan Sanders and Jordyn Warsaw (from left to right) are dial painters in Lima Christian School’s production of Radium Girls. Photo by Bethany Warsaw

Lima Christian School is delighted to announce the upcoming production of Radium Girls, a thought-provoking play written by D.W. Gregory. This compelling theatrical performance will be held at the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School Auditorium, 83 East Street in Honeoye Falls on November 17 and November 18 at 7 p.m.

Radium Girls explores a poignant and historically significant narrative, making it a must-see event for the local community. The play promises to captivate the audience with its powerful storytelling and talented cast. The story delves into the historical events surrounding the Radium Dial Company, where young women painted watch dials with luminous radioactive paint. The play sheds light on their fight for justice and accountability in the face of health hazards.

“We are producing this powerful play because it’s important to share the story of these brave women who fought for their rights and helped to change the world of work for everyone,” says director Bethany Warsaw. “While the play does deal with challenging subject matter, it’s ultimately a story of hope and resilience. It’s a reminder that even the smallest voices can make a difference.”

Members of the cast are Megan Sanders (Grace Fryer), Sarah Churnetski (Kathryn Schaub), Jordyn Warsaw (Irene Rudolph), Brielle Hammond (Mrs. Alma Macneil/Board Member/Venecine Salesperson), Lemuel Fiegl (Arthur Roeder), Anna Grace LaBarca (Diane Roeder/Factory Girl), Rebekah Lakra (Harriet Roeder/Factory Girl), Gavin McCarty (Edward Markley), Lillian Herring (Charlie Lee), Jenna Warsaw (Dr. Von Sochocky), Owen Teitsworth (Tom Kreider), Jasmine Lakra (Anna Fryer), Abigail Britton (Katherine Wiley), Joshua Lakra (Raymond Berry/Dr. Harrison Martland), Olivia Kennell (Dr. Cecil Drinker/Marie Curie), David Dils (Dr. Joseph Knef/William Bailey), Sam Parks (Frederick Flinn/Lovesick Cowboy/Judge), Sophy Britton (Reporter), Eden Falco (Sob Sister), Eden Settle (Mrs. Michaels/Board Member/Factory Girl), Emily Churnetski (Society Woman/Factory Girl), Abby Dils (Clerk/Factory Girl) and Samantha Owens (Board Member/Factory Girl).

Lima Christian School invites you to join them for a captivating evening of theatre that not only entertains but also educates and raises awareness of this significant chapter in history. Join them for this inspiring play, and help them keep the Radium Girls’ memory alive.

Because of the sensitive nature of the play, Warsaw recommends care when considering whether young children should attend. The show is approximately two hours long with an intermission. Tickets, which are $6 for students and $8 for adults, are available at the school office, for cash sale at the door or online at For more information, call Lima Christian School at 624-3841.

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