Skyler Smith’s Tour of Mendon: Black Horse Bistro, Part 2

Last week I left you a couple doors down from my place at the Black Horse Bistro where Deb and Dad’s wedding reception took place and I was sharing with you the multitasking of assignments I had taken on for the nuptials. Allow me to reset the scene for you and then I’ll follow up with my roles in the whole shebang.

In honor of their mutual Native American ancestry, Deb and Dad had their marriage ceremony at the Ganondagan State Historic Site which is located on Boughton Hill Road in Victor. Another appropriate aspect of this location, which is actually on Boughton Hill itself, is that it overlooks the campus of Victor Central School where Dad taught high school English for 33 years.

The vows were dually performed by Ganondagan chief Peter Jemison and Dad’s former student and Mendon resident RJ Maute.  Longing to be a part of the ceremony, RJ had just secured his license to become an ordained minister through some online course. As I joked last week, between the mail order minister and the Indian Chief, I’m not sure if they’re really even legally married but they sure do seem to have a lot of fun. And as long as they’re happy, I’m willing to come along for the ride.

At any rate, let’s return to my long list of wedding day responsibilities which I felt must have broken some child labor laws on the books somewhere. Last week I shared with you that I was the cameraman and best man. Upon completing those two responsibilities I was only halfway through. I’ll pick it up there.

Ring Bearer ~ Moving on to job #3, I was charged with immediately and magically, multitasking from best man to ring bearer.  By now I’m sure most of my readers are thinking, “Yes, Skyler is my idol, but even he can’t be doing all these things at the same time, can he?”

Humility has always been one of my strong suits, but idolatry notwithstanding, allow me to confirm that while I was doing all of this at the same time, I strongly suggest that although I may have inspired you, please do not attempt this at home.

So while I’m already simultaneously spinning more plates than any kid since The Ed Sullivan Show went off the air in 1971, keep in mind I’m also videotaping this whole pow wow, complete with the Indians.  This is my story, I’m sticking to it, and I have proof.

Witness ~ Adding to the challenge of my multiple tasks, let me also share that this outdoor nuptial was taking place on a 90 degree day in June.  So as the sweat dripping off my face threatens to form the genuine possibility of me being electrocuted by the video equipment, I redirect my camera to focus upon the table where the final paperwork is to be signed.  This enables me to capture my fourth role which is that of “witness” to this whole shebang.  Talk about milking a kid for all he’s worth.  But I love Dad and Deb and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

THE RECEPTION ~ Meanwhile, returning to the subject of the Black Horse Bistro, knowing that Dad and Deb will be stopping by after their wedding, they have a surprise reception planned for them which includes special food, guests, and accoutrements.  Owners Vicki & Mike Allen and their staff are good people.

Thanks for allowing me to diverge to a description of my most ambitious day ever.  Next week I’ll be back to take that same two-door walk down to the Bistro.  Don’t worry about the repeat visit; they love us there.



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