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In the Spring of 2016, I walked next door from my office at The Sentinel to cover a story on the HF-L Unified Basketball end-of-the-year party which was being hosted by Deb & Tim Smith. Who knew it would lead to this! When they told me their interesting back story, I suggested they write about that for the paper. That initial piece appeared in the June 30, 2016 issue and “The (Word) Smiths” have been a Sentinel staple ever since.

For the past few years I have been encouraging them to write a book and while enticed by the proposition, it took a while for them to settle on the right topic. Coming up over the next month is an historically quirky set of 50th anniversaries which they address in the beginning of their feature this week appearing on the back page of this issue. Please give it a read and I’ll allow them to explain how they landed where they did.

But, wait! There’s more!

They’ve finally put together that book I’ve always been bugging them to do. It’s called The Beatles, The Bible & Manson – Reflecting Back With 50 Years of Perspective.

It’s written in that unique style of Tim and Deb you’re used to seeing. As I read the manuscript, I could envision them telling the story to me in front of my desk.

I like the fact that this is a personal story told personally. They’re not merely some objective investigative reporters. They’ve immersed themselves in the action and aren’t afraid to play with it – no matter how serious the subject.

This impish anti-establishment flavor is appropriate – if not expected – for the era of which they write. People who don’t understand that era might not appreciate it, but the many who do understand it will be relieved to see someone else gets it (and them).

There’s something special they do in the book. They employ an absolutely brilliant use of a transition technique: Limericks. So compelling was this literary device that even Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme was convinced to respond to Tim and Deb when they contacted her. Note, her response was in the form of a limerick.

The overall feel of the book is one of Tim and Deb telling “insider secrets.” That’s a cool feeling. I know they’re not real insiders, but metaphorically they – and anyone who grew up in that era – are. Any reader will recognize it. This is the advantage of the Hunter S. Thompson style.

I didn’t want to stop reading The Beatles, The Bible & Manson – Reflecting Back With 50 Years of Perspective and you won’t either. The writing is compelling. And for those who lived through the events, I promise you’ll discover things you may not have ever known.

Congrats Tim & Deb on your new book. Readers interested in being added to their notification list, please email Tim & Deb directly at and they’ll let you know in advance when the book becomes available in the coming weeks.


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