From left, Todd Klugh Sr., Maria Mysak and Todd Klugh. Photo by Deb Smith

This place has the best view of any restaurant in town and it was formerly only visible from the men’s bathroom window! Okay, we realize there’s some explanation necessary after that leadoff statement, and we promise to have you covered. The full backstory is forthcoming but we’ll let you know right away that the restaurant to which we are referring would be the newly opened TK’s on the Falls.

Turns out it could actually be TK “squared” as there are two men named Todd Klugh in the picture on this one, which lent an air of confusion to our first call to TK’s. When asked if we wanted to speak to young Todd or Todd Sr.

Our honest answer was, “Well, we’re not really sure.”

When the dust settled, we actually needed to speak to both Todds because TK’s on the Falls is very much a family operation. Let us tell you a little about the food and then we’ll introduce you to the cast of characters at TK’s. That “cast” to which we refer is loaded with experience so it was a joy to hear them converse about their craft.

“Nothing we serve here comes out of a can,” young Todd told us, “everything is absolutely fresh.” Todd shared that the response to their pasta dishes had been particularly positive. Their Utica Chicken Riggies topped the list of most ordered items. This dish features a spicy tomato cream sauce with chicken, jalapeno, and cherry peppers, tossed with rigatoni.

At this point we received an unexpected assist from a random patron who just happened to be sitting at the bar. “The soups here are homemade and delicious,” offered Dave Laky as he looked up from the laptop upon which he was working. We enjoyed the spontaneity of that input and thought we would use it to lead into our overview of TK’s staff.

Todd Klugh Sr. had an unlikely culinary starting point, his career beginning at the Silver Lake Drive-In in Perry. Over the next 40 years, his passion for cooking blossomed into a fantastic culinary story that ultimately led him to create TK’s on the Falls. Todd’s experience includes cooking for Sandi White at The Brewery from 2009-2015. We’ll touch on this later, but The Brewery was the restaurant that preceded TK’s at this location, operating from 1993-2020.

Young Todd comes to the kitchen with previous culinary experiences ranging from Cleveland to Atlanta to New York. To assure consistent quality, the two Todds and experienced chef Annette Loverde are the only three people who will ever prepare your meal when you dine at TK’s on the Falls.

Rounding out the line-up at TK’s is Maria Mysak who serves as bar & restaurant manager. Boasting global hospitality experience, she ensures that each visit is memorable – whether you’re joining them for a special dinner, happy hour, or lunch with friends.

The timing on this story was unique for us because, in addition to our oft-performed task of writing about new businesses in town, we were also in the midst of a bigger, long-term project of documenting the history of local pubs and taverns. So we were able to share with the TK’s team everything that had happened in their building at 8 West Main St. since Prohibition ended in 1933.

Our updated timeline now includes the fact that TK’s signed the papers to buy the business on November 3, 2023. This signing was the first step in opening up this classic building to the public since Covid had come calling in 2020. After assuming ownership, TK’s embarked upon a total remodeling of the establishment and it looks absolutely incredible!

That being said, it’s not just how good the inside of TK’s looks from the inside; equally striking is how the outside looks from the inside of TK’s. The main dining room features open wall-to-wall windows which enable a view of the entire 4-corners area of Honeoye Falls. And then, patrons who avail themselves of seating in the enclosed gazebo, or either of the two outdoor decks can enjoy the beautiful view of the waters cascading over Honeoye Falls.

Circling back to our first paragraph, it was Sandi White who bought this property in 1993, that initiated the process to fully take advantage of the view that is offered. She told us that when she first bought it and realized that the only place in the building from which you could see the falls was the men’s bathroom window, she felt compelled to follow through on the endeavor that would lead to the construction of the gazebo and outside decks. Those were completed in 1996.

This is truly an experience that local residents should take advantage of. If you haven’t been there in a while, or if you’ve never been there, the Smiths suggest you pencil it onto your To-Do list.

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