Members of the cast of Lima Christian School’s production of Disney’s Descendants: The Musical are shown at a rehearsal. Photo provided by Bethany Warsaw

Lima Christian School is pleased to present the musical Disney’s Descendants: The Musical on Friday, March 10, at 7 pm and Saturday, March 11, at 2 pm and 7 pm. The musical will take place at the Honeoye Falls-Lima high school auditorium in Honeoye Falls.

Disney’s Descendants: The Musical is based on all three Disney Channel original Descendants movies. The stage version features an updated book and boasts a contemporary pop score, including songs from all three of the Disney Channel original movies, including “Rotten to the Core,” “If Only,” “Chillin’ Like a Villain,” and “Break This Down.”

In Descendants: The Musical, Disney’s favorite heroines and heroes live happily ever after in the shimmering kingdom of Auradon. Meanwhile, the world’s most evil villains have been banished to the Isle of the Lost and stripped of all magic and evil power. Ben, the beloved son of King Beast and Queen Belle, is about to be crowned as King of Auradon. When he optimistically invites four trouble-making offspring of the most wicked villains to come to Auradon Prep School as exchange students, it could usher in a new era of acceptance and unity or spell certain disaster. Will Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos–the children of Maleficent, Grimhilde, Jafar, and Cruella de Vil–accomplish their plan to steal Fairy Godmother’s wand and restore their parents to power? Or will they find the strength to choose goodness instead?

“One of the songs in the show says, ‘The road could be hard and the night could be dark, but like stars we’ll shine brightly wherever we are,’” says director Bethany Warsaw. “As we’ve learned during the past few years, we need each other, and we need to work together to bring light into the darkness. This musical shows that we are stronger when we work together, no matter what our backgrounds are, what we look like, or where we come from.”
Members of the cast are Laurel LaBarca (Mal), Jordyn Warsaw (Evie), Abigail Britton (Jay), Lillian Herring (Carlos), Megan Sanders (Maleficent), Sarah Churnetski (Grimhilde), Joshua Lakra (Jafar), Olivia Kennell (Cruella de Vil), David Dils (King Beast), Dariamne Osso-Gomez (Queen Belle), Sam Parks (Ben), Anna Grace LaBarca (Fairy Godmother), Sophia Britton (Jane), Connor Welker (Chad), Lydia Harrington (Audrey), Gavin McCarty (Doug), Joseph Morelli (Maurice), Anna Durkee (Royal Page), Owen McCarty (Royal Guard), Samantha Owens (Tourney Coach), Jasmine Lakra (Snow White), Abigail Dils (Ensemble), Brielle Hammond (Ensemble), Caleb Warsaw (Ensemble), Eden Settle (Ensemble), Emily Churnetski (Ensemble), Genesis Leathersich (Ensemble), Jenna Warsaw (Ensemble) and Molly Teitsworth (Ensemble).

The technical director for the show is Tom Warsaw. The musical directors are Kaylee Corell and Jill Teitsworth. Joanna Mason is the choreographer.

Disney’s Descendants is recommended for children of all ages and is approximately two hours long with an intermission. Tickets are $6 for students and $8 for adults. They are available at the school office, for cash sale at the door, or online at For more information, call Lima Christian School at (585) 624-3841 or email

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