It is with great honor that the local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) is offering the Kristine Brassie Memorial Scholarship

This fully paid scholarship opportunity will allow a local person to attend the WISE TRADITIONS conference that Kristine so loved. The WISE TRADITIONS annual conference in November in will be in Texas this year. Through the loving and generous donations that were given to the local WAPF chapter on behalf of our friend and former co-leader, Kristine Brassie, we have chosen to use a portion of the donations to help fund this unique and very special scholarship opportunity.

Kristine Brassie was our chapter co-leader for the past 5+ years. She learned of Dr. Weston A Price’s work over 10 years ago and attended several of the WISE TRADITIONS conferences. She had a deep passion for real food and natural health – both for her own family and her desire to share the teachings of the WAP Foundation with others. Kristine passed away on April 3, 2019. In her honor, we wanted to share the joy that Kristine experienced when she attended her very first WISE TRADITIONS conference over 10 years ago. She found the conference to be life changing. In honor of her love for the annual conference, our local chapter has arranged a fully paid scholarship for one person to attend the 2019 WISE TRADITIONS conference. It includes an additional $500 toward airfare and hotel.

The Kristine Brassie Memorial Scholarship details and application are available on the Facebook page for the Rochester Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. All are welcome to apply. The scholarship will be awarded to someone who is local to the Rochester area, who is a parent, and who has never attended the WISE TRADITIONS conference.

All applications are due by August 31. Please feel free to share this opportunity with others if you feel that they would qualify for the scholarship and would like to apply. If you have any questions on this opportunity, please direct them to Michele at


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