Jean Nickels showing the audience proper singing form in the photo above left while Paul Sawicki is the hardest working guy at MSCP after hours. Both Photos Courtesy of: Margaux Murray and Patrick Ashley

Paul Sawicki first got involved with MSCP in 1986 and except for a couple of years, has been “there” every year for a total of 35 years.  Initially, he helped out at the bar with drinks and popcorn and eventually was put in charge of the entire operation, including preparing cheese and cracker trays as well as recruiting all of the servers for each evening as well as house managers.

“Thank you, Paul, for many many wonderful years of service to MSCP,” says Travis Piper.

Jean Nickels loves to sing, laugh, overact and be silly. She has been a member of St. Catherine’s for 22 years. Her favorite role was Lotta Crabapple in the show “Shakespeare Comes to Calamity Creek” in 2018. In this show everyone kept calling her “Crabtree” and she had to correct them by saying “Crabapple,” on occasion the audience would help too. The Monsignor Schnacky Community Players have allowed Jean to be “more free than she otherwise would be” and she has gained many supportive friends. Though she had no theater experience outside of being a Schnacky, Jean Nickels is a light up on stage and enjoys every second of it.

“Thank you for gracing our stage with your beautiful spirit, Jean,” says Andrea Borrelli.

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