Reusable bag program becomes an integral part of HFMP’s increasing sustainability

Have you noticed the new Reusable Bag rack at the Honeoye Falls Market Place?

Have you borrowed a bag yourself to decrease your plastic bag use while grocery shopping?

This new sustainability initiative, introduced on Earth Day, is a cooperative effort of the Honeoye Falls- Lima High School Green Team, the Honeoye Falls Market Place, and Shawn, Beth, Quentin and Vivian Marshall. Together these groups have worked to create an idea for waste reduction that involves identifiable reusable bags, signage, rack storage and public knowledge for the HFMP reusable bag program.

Now they need your help!

To the pleasure of the three groups, soon after the Earth Day reveal, the rack was quickly emptied, due to use of the program by many community members! To allow this program to continue to thrive in the community and effectively decrease plastic bag usage they are asking for your help in a couple key ways:

1. Return any bags you are no longer using to the rack so other customers can take advantage of the opportunity!
2. Re-use the bags. Don’t just build up a collection in the back of your car.
3. Add bags to the rack from your personal inventories! You can even make bags out of old t-shirts!

Help pay it forward; plastic is harmful to our environment in many ways and using the bags as well as returning and adding new bags will allow our community to increase its ever-growing commitment to sustainability.

After the idea was proposed by the Marshall family, the Green Team and HFMP immediately identified their support for the program. The Green Team decorated bags for community use during club meetings and created signs for the racks in the store, while HFMP embraced the program with open arms. This program continues HFMP’s green evolution, a proactive push for sustainability, and is one grocer’s and community’s contribution to helping reduce the amount of plastic bags that wind up in our planet’s oceans.

Help make this program a success by using a reusable bag or donating a bag that you no longer use.

Let’s keep sustainability a trend in the great Honeoye Falls Community!



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