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New York Real Property Tax Law (RPTL) requires all properties in each municipality (except in New York City and Nassau Count) to be assessed at a uniform percentage of market value each year. This means that all properties in each city, town or village must be assessed at market value or all at the same uniform percentage of market value each year. For the past several years, the town of Mendon has had an Equalization Rate of 100% (properties are assessed at 100% market value).

Since 2009, Mendon has not conducted a town wide “reassessment or update”. For the 2017 Assessment Roll year, a reassessment project will be completed. All properties will be reviewed with respect to the current market using a 7/1/16 Taxable Valuation Date. Municipal-wide reassessments are the best way to ensure that assessments are equitable and accurate. During a reassessment, the Assessor will review the market values of all of the properties in the community. Based on changes in the real estate market, a determination will be made as to which assessments need to be increased, decreased or remain the same. Those whose assessments are adjusted will receive notification in the mail at some point after 1/1/2017. Once the notifications are received, an “informal assessment” review hearing period will be available (if requested by the property owner).

It is a goal of the Assessment Department to produce a fair and equitable assessment roll each year for the Town of Mendon and the Village of Honeoye Falls. The overriding goal is for no one to pay more or less than his or her fair share of the overall tax levy.

If you have any questions relating to the 2017 “reassessment” project, please contact the Assessment Department at (585) 624-5254.

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