East Bloomfield Historical Society looking for help on project

The East Bloomfield Historical Society has stumbled across something really exciting;  a military commission signed by Abraham Lincoln! Unfortunately, sharing important local artifacts like this can be a huge challenge for the Society, as both natural and artificial light can damage the objects on display without the proper equipment to protect it.

The “Liberating Honest Abe” campaign is underway, to help the Society raise funds for the purchase of a special UV-filtering archival case that will protect this delicate artifact, and allow the Society to share other delicate items from the archives moving forward.

We would greatly appreciate your time in helping to spread the word! (Donors at $50+ will be invited to a special “First Look” event to view the commission, but any amount makes a difference!) Anyone interested in supporting the campaign can simply visit https://fundly.com/let-s-bring-lincoln-to-the-uv-filtered-light and click donate.

For more information, contact Amanda Smythe, Historical Society Board President at 732-4065.



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