These four Girl Scouts packed these bags for CAP. Submitted photo

Kayla, Chelsie, and Emily Wells, and Irene Sesnie helped pack 13 ‘dinner in a bag’s for CAP Closet families last month. These dinners will provide a little extra boost for families who foster children through Children Awaiting Parents in Rochester, and who sometimes receive a new children with little or no advance notice. These bags, full of pasta, sauces, fruits and veggies, soups, and dessert, will help provide the families with at least a full meal the family can enjoy together without much prep.

CAP Closet is an organization created because the organizers, foster/adoptive parents themselves, recognize “that it’s sometimes difficult when new children are placed during a work week, at the end of the day, and [they] desire to provide assistance for families who need support.” The Closet collects and donates children/teen clothing year-round as children and families need it. Last December, they also collected and donated hundreds of toys/craft items for gifting to help support the families affected by foster influx.

Currently, CAP Closet seeks donations of new clothing birth through teen, duffel bags, gift cards, and reusable grocery bags.

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