Some of the cards and letters delivered to Pinehurst are seen in this photo. Photo provided by Donna Merritt

The seventh-grade students of Donna Merritt at Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School have been taking part in Random Acts of Kindness for years and this year has been no exception even though the students were not physically in school.

Every year beginning in November, Merritt’s students have written letters of appreciation for an adult in Middle School who has helped them in some way. Then, Merritt places the letters in mailboxes as a surprise for the following day. The person receiving the letter is surprised because it was unexpected. Merritt’s goal with this activity has always been to show her students the importance of appreciation, especially when it comes from the heart.

Recently, in recognition of May Day, 94 cards, letters and spring pictures were delivered to Pinehurst Senior Living Community for the residents to have a bit of kindness and cheer in an attempt to brighten their day! Every year, Merritt’s students have made Christmas cards and Valentines but this year she felt it was important to make May Day cards as well.

The students’ Random Acts of Kindness also have included emails of gratitude to the Essential Workers at HF-L, who kept the schools clean and functioning during this unprecedented time. Her students have seen how important it is to recognize those who help others, need a boost every now and then or just say a simple “thank you” when it is least expected.

“I am very proud of what my 7th graders have done this year for others,” Merritt stated.


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