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Based on the Spring 2019 Solo Festival results, the following students were chosen for the Senior High Area All-State ensembles (left to right in the photo above): Reese Perkins, Daniel Atkinson, Will Tomaszewski (Band); Alec Bhaskaran, Sydney Picciotti, Megan Reinke (Mixed Chorus), and Hanna Coria (Treble Chorus). David Tuller was chosen for the Junior High Area All-State Mixed Chorus.

These students auditioned with individual solos last Spring. Their selection to the ensembles was based on their solo results. The Area All-State ensembles include the best student musicians from an 8-county region in the Greater-Rochester area.

The Senior High Area All-State students will come together to rehearse and perform at Letchworth CSD on November 15th and 16th.

The Junior High Area All-State students will rehearse and perform at Greece Athena High School on November 1st and 2nd. Congratulations to these HF-L musicians!

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